Our unique Koolclad ductwork combines Koolduct insulated ductwork with a composite cladding. Constructed within a factory environment to give a high quality, strong and lightweight ductwork solution.

As the product is manufactured off-site, under strict quality control measures it can reduce the installation time of roof plant ductwork by 70%. Limiting on-site man-hours of a high-risk task and shortening build program (at a point in the build when every hour counts).

The composite covering is super strong (impregnable to bird strike), 100% watertight, Class O fire rated and comes in any RAL colour.

The Class O covering enables the product to be used within buildings and the multi colour solution is perfect for atriums and on-show areas. Find more on our KoolDuct range here (link to KoolDuct page)

Please contact our team if you have any more queries on the range of cladding we carry.